Cosmetics at Supernova Zagreb Buzin


An excellent drugstore assortment awaits you at the Supernova Zagreb Garden Mall shopping centre. Whether looking for a lipstick or a new perfume or home cleaning products, you will find here everything in one place.

Large cosmetics collection

Let the Supernova Zagreb Garden Mall shopping centre be your favourite shopping destination

Choose the right nuance of the liquid powder foundation, an interesting palette of eyeshadows, a perfect nuance of the new lipstick, a blush powder of your choice or any other makeup product from a top quality cosmetics assortment at the shopping centre stores. The assortment of decorative cosmetics is impressive; choose one of the famous brands displayed on the store shelves such as: Max Factor, Pupa, Rimele, She, Aura, Bourjois, L'Oreal Paris, Essence, L.O.V and many others.

Complement your daily beauty routines with natural cosmetics brands such as Alverde, Olival, Nikel, Ulola, Apibelle, Apisan and the like. Treat your face with the best products from the natural cosmetics assortment whether you are looking for magical makeup removal milk, moisturizer, anti-aging serum, nourishing wild rose oil or any other products.


Caring for the whole family 

Treat your family to the best products from the assortments of the stores of the Supernova Zagreb Garden Mall shopping centre. Choose Pampers Premium Care diapers, Pampers New Baby Sensitive wet wipes, Johnson's products and the Baby Love assortment for your youngest ones and let the professional staff advice you on the latest baby products and many amenities.

The wide assortment intended for babies, children and pregnant women will make your daily routines with your youngest ones easier to handle. A special package for pregnant women and new mothers awaits you at the DM store as DM takes special care of the newly-arrived family members.

Health comes first

In addition to numerous amenities, promotional prices and sales promotions throughout the year, the shopping centre stores also feature premium offers related to the healthy food assortment. With the help of the professional advice from the friendly staff, choose the right products, regardless whether you are looking for gluten-free food, food without additional sweeteners, chia seeds, dried fruits and the like.

Healthy food has never been so accessible to us; today it is more a lifestyle, than a trend. Following a healthy lifestyle means spending more time in nature and buying natural products, taking care of one’s health, shopping at affordable prices and changing one’s lifestyle. Taking care of health has never been easier due to the fantastic assortment of products displayed on the shelves of numerous stores at the Supernova Zagreb Garden Mall shopping centre.

Set of various fresh exotic fruits

Beauty world tailored to all

Thanks to the rich assortment within the dm, Müller and Douglas stores, you can enjoy numerous benefits and a fantastic selection of products such as numerous items from the range of hair, nail, face and body care, numerous beauty products and perfume departments. Enjoy a wide selection, choose something to your liking or surprise your loved ones with the latest note of fragrances from the world of famous perfume names.

In the pharmacy department, you can find absolutely everything for your health, from various supplements, over-the-counter medications to specialized cosmetics for the face and body skin.